ASD Admission Policy


Admission Policy

This Policy is an addition to St. Mary’s N.S. Enrolment Policy of May 2019. This policy will apply in conjunction with the procedures set out in Enrolment Policy of May 2019.

Admission Procedures and Criteria

Children will be accepted into the special classes for pupils with Autistic Spectrum Disorder as follows:

1. Children attending special classes will be of primary school age.

2. Each special class will cater for a maximum of six children with autistic spectrum disorders

3. The enrolment of children in special classes will be within the remit of the Board of Management

4. Parents/Guardians may register for admission on official school registration form available on request.

5. All psychological reports/assessments/records must be made available to the Principal at the time of registration. The diagnostic criteria for autistic spectrum disorder as outlined in DSM V will apply. There needs to be an indication in reports that the child would benefit from a special class setting in a mainstream school.

6. On receipt of the items in no.4 and 5 above the Principal will consider the application as follows:

  • Review the reports 
  • Contact parents/guardians by telephone
  • Arrange to observe the child in their current placement
  • Meet with parents/guardians to discuss the application

7. The Board of Management will make the final decision and inform the child’s parents/guardians.

8. The child’s continuing enrolment will be periodically reviewed in the light of their progress and adaption to the school

Board of Management      May 2019