Book Rental Scheme Policy


In the present financial climate it is important to keep costs to parents/guardians to a minimum. The Board of Management will introduce a school book rental scheme commencing in September 2014


To provide the options of a cost effective school book rental scheme to all families in our school community.


  • The scheme is voluntary. Booklists will be supplied to parents/guardians in the normal way
  • An annual rental charge will apply. Payment of the charge will secure the rental of all relevant textbooks listed in the booklist as and when required throughout the school year.
  • Purchase of workbooks, disposable materials and stationary will remain outside the scope of this scheme and remain the responsibility of parents/guardians
  • To qualify for admission to the scheme the rental charge must be paid on or before 10th March each year (This does not apply in year one, 2014/15 school year when charge is paid in September)
  • Each parent/guardian will be required to sign a receipt for the books supplied which will remain property of the school
  • Membership of the scheme is at the discretion of the Board of Management. Any pupil found to be abusing, defacing or disposing of rental books will be dismissed from the scheme and will be required to supply their own textbooks for the remainder of their time in the school
  • If books are lost or damaged full payment for the book will be required for re-admission to the scheme
  • Books supplied under the scheme may be new or second hand at the discretion of the Board of Management

Success Criteria

Success is measured by the number of pupils who join the scheme

Monitoring of books by staff will be important


There will be an annual review of the scheme and a parental questionnaire at the end of year one


This policy was ratified by the Board of Management on Monday 16th June 2014




St. Mary’s N.S. School Book Rental Scheme 2014-2015

I have read this policy and agree to the arrangements for participation in the School Book Rental Scheme. I wish to have my child avail of the scheme in the year 2014/15





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