NEPs Assessment Policy

Introductory Statement:

This policy was drawn up in response to an ever increasing demand for NEPS involvement for pupils in recent years.


  • The development of an inclusive school environment for pupils with special educational needs is a key strand of our work at St. Mary’s N.S.
  • The NEPS model of a ‘Continuum of Support’ encompasses a graduated problem solving model of assessment and interventions in schools comprised of three distinct school based processes, namely Classroom Support, School Support, and School Support Plus.
  • The focus is on identifying actions which can be taken to make a positive difference to pupils
  • NEPS is committed to developing best practice in relation to meeting the needs of all children with special educational needs and to supporting school staff.

Relationship to School Ethos:

All pupils have needs including the need to feel a sense of belonging, the need to feel safe, the need to communicate and to be communicated with and the need to be respected and valued.

As a Catholic school we endeavor to provide an appropriate learning environment where every child is encouraged and enabled to develop to their full potential

Internal School Procedures:

  • It is essential that the needs of pupils with special educational needs can best be considered in terms of a structured on-going support plan.
  • The NEPS model of a ‘Continuum of Support’ must be followed through the stages outlined earlier.
  • Request for NEPS involvement must come from class teacher, if parents request it class teacher must agree.
  • In cases where a NEPS Psychological Review Report is deemed appropriate assessment criteria in order of priority applies.

Criteria in order of priority:

  1. Cognitive assessment to access Low Incidence Teaching Hours (L.I.T.H.) otherwise known as resource hours
  2. Cognitive assessment to establish a diagnosis
  3. Cognitive assessment to access further supports and services
  4. Transition to secondary school

A priority list is drawn up annually in June and confirmed in September before a meeting takes place with NEPS to agree a list of pupils for NEPS involvement in for the school year.  This list must be adhered.

Roles and Responsibilities:

All staff members share in the implementation of this policy. Deputy Principal will act as coordinating teacher in consultation with Principal Teacher.


This policy will be review annually by In School Management Staff and amendments added as required.


This policy was ratified by Board of Management on Monday 22nd June 2015