Enrolment Policy

Admission Policy

St. Mary’s N.S. Ballygunner is a Catholic school under the patronage of the Bishop of Waterford & Lismore and has as its primary objective the provision of state funded primary education in the Parish of St. Joseph & St. Benildus & St. Mary’s Waterford.

In accordance with the 1998 Act, the Board of Management has regard to the principles of a democratic society and respects and promotes respect for diversity of values, beliefs, traditions, languages and ways of life in society while it also upholds and is accountable to the Patron for upholding the Catholic ethos of the school.

The Board of Management is supportive of the principle of inclusiveness with particular regard to pupils with a disability or special educational needs subject to availability of resources in the school.

The Board will decide annually the numbers of new pupils to be admitted subject to the personnel and resources available. The Board will only admit children to Junior Infants who are four years of age or older on the 1st May in the year of admission.

If the demand for places exceeds the number of places available, selection of pupils will take place in accordance with the admission criteria set out below.

Admission criteria in order of priority

  1. Brothers and sisters of current and past pupils
  2. Children of school staff
  3. Children whose principal residence is in the Parish
  4. Children whose principal residence is outside the Parish

If the numbers of children who satisfy any of the above criteria exceed the number of places available, places will be allocated in the following order:
a) Children who are baptised Catholics
b) Date of receipt of completed registration form.

Admission Procedure

Parents may register the names of their children for consideration any time after the child’s birth. This registration must be done on the official school registration form which may be downloaded from the school web-site or supplied by the school on request.

Parents will receive dated confirmation of registration of the child’s name as soon as practicable of it being received by the school.

Each November the school will contact all the parents of the children registered to start the following September and request them to fill in the official school application form so that their child(ren) may be considered.

If the number of applicants exceeds the number of places available in a particular year the Board will apply the admission criteria set out in Section B above in order to fill the places.

Parents will be informed within 20 days after the deadline for receipt of the application forms the outcome of their application.

Pupils will be admitted to classes other than Junior Infants only if places are available. The same admission criteria will apply in these cases should a number of children seek admission to any one class.


This policy was ratified by the Board of Management on Monday 22nd June 2015