Electronic Device Policy

Introductory Statement:

This policy was drawn up in response to technological advances which have seen a significant increase in hand held electronic ‘gadgets’ amongst the school population over recent years.


  • IPods, mobile phones, Game Boys, PSP’s, MP3’s etc. are intrusive and distracting in a school environment
  • Strategies must be put in place to reduce the intrusiveness of unauthorised technology in a school situation 
  • Some electronic devices may be harmful due to frequent use
  • Mobile phones may be used to conduct bullying campaigns

Relationship to School Ethos:

The use of mobile phones and other electronic games contravenes the provision of a safe and secure school environment and is not conducive to learning - a provision which is central to the mission statement and ethos of St. Mary’s National School.

Internal School Procedures:

The following are the school rules for mobile phone/electronic games usage in the school:

  • Pupils are not allowed to bring mobile phone or electronic games/gadgets into school.
  • Pupils who need to contact home during school hours may do so through the school secretary using the school landline phone
  • All mobile phones and electronic games/gadgets are banned on the school premises even during after school activities
  • If any pupil brings a mobile phone or electronic game/gadget to school it will be confiscated for 5 school days.

Roles and Responsibilities:

All staff members share in the co-ordination and implementation of this policy.


This policy will be monitored on an ongoing basis and amendments added as new technology comes on stream.


This policy was ratified by Board of Management on 1st December 2014